Technical Program

IEEE WoWMoM 2016

Seventeenth International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks

Sponsored by:
IEEE Computer Society,
Missouri University of Science and Technology,
IEEE Computer Society TC on Computer Communications (TCCC)

June 21-24, 2016 - Coimbra, Portugal



FIRST DAY: June 22

8:45-9:00 Welcome and Opening

9:00-10:00 Keynote I

Towards the Tactile Internet – Low Latency Communications in Connected Cars

Falko Dressler, Head of Distributed Embedded Systems Group, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Paderborn, Germany

10:30-12:30 Session 1A. D2D Offloading and Communication

Session chair: Daniele Puccinelli, SUPSI, Switzerland

Should I Seed Or Should I Not: On The Remuneration of Seeders in D2D Offloading

Filippo Rebecchi (Thales Communications & Security, France); Marcelo Dias de Amorim (UPMC Sorbonne Universités, France); Vania Conan (Thales Communications & Security, France)

Have You Asked Your Neighbors? A Hidden Market Approach for Device-to-Device Offloading

Dimitris Chatzopoulos (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong); Mahdieh Ahmadi (Sharif University of Technology, Iran); Sokol Kosta (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy); Pan Hui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Hong Kong)

Tie-breaking Can Maximize Fairness without Sacrificing Throughput in D2D-assisted Networks

Vincenzo Mancuso (IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain); Arash Asadi (IMDEA Networks Institute & University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain); Peter Jacko (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)

Reliable and Bidirectional Camera-Display Communications with Smartphones (SHORT PAPER)

Maria Lorena Montoya Freire and Mario Di Francesco (Aalto University, Finland)

10:30-12:30 Session 1B. WiFi Networks

Session chair: Andreas Kassler, Karlstad University, Sweden

Revisiting 802.11 Power Consumption Modeling in Smartphone

Swetank Kumar Saha, Pratham Malik, Selvaganesh Dharmeswaran and Dimitrios Koutsonikolas (University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA)

Performance Evaluation of an Intention Sharing MAC Scheme in Wireless LANs with Hidden Nodes

Emma Fitzgerald (Lund University, Sweden); Michal Pióro (Warsaw University of Technology & Lund University, Poland)

Evaluation of the IEEE 802.11ah Restricted Access Window Mechanism for dense IoT networks

Le Tian (University of Antwerp, Belgium); Jeroen Famaey (University of Antwerp & iMinds, Belgium); Steven Latré (University of Antwerp - iMinds, Belgium)

MAC Design on real 802.11 Devices: from Exponential to Moderated Backoff (SHORT PAPER)

Ilenia Tinnirello (University of Palermo, Italy); Menzo Wentink (Qualcomm, USA); Domenico Garlisi and Fabrizio Giuliano (Universita' di Palermo, Italy); Giuseppe Bianchi (University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy)

14:00-15:30 Session 2A. Mobile Data Offloading

Session chair: Marco Fiore, IEIIT-CNR, Italy

How Beneficial is the WiFi Offloading? A Detailed Game-Theoretical Analysis in Wireless Oligopolies

Georgios Fortetsanakis and Maria Papadopouli (University of Crete, Greece)

Buddies, not Enemies: Fairness and Performance in Cellular Offloading

Nils Richerzhagen, Björn Richerzhagen, Michael Walter, Dominik Stingl and Ralf Steinmetz (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

Storage on Wheels: Offloading Popular Contents Through a Vehicular Cloud

Luigi Vigneri and Thrasyvoulos Spyropoulos (EURECOM, France); Chadi Barakat (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France)

14:00-15:30 Session 2B. Video Streaming

Session chair: Mario Di Francesco, Aalto University School of Science, Finland

Dynamic and Cooperative Mobile Video Streaming Across Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Stefania Colonnese (Università La Sapienza di Roma, Italy); Valentina Salvatore, Luca Chiaraviglio and Francesca Cuomo (University of Rome Sapienza, Italy)

NEWCAST: Anticipating Resource Management and QoE Provisioning for Mobile Video Streaming   

Imen Triki, Rachid El-Azouzi and Majed Haddad (University of Avignon, France)

SWAP: Protecting Pull-Based P2P Video Streaming Systems From Inference Attacks

Giang Nguyen, Stefanie Roos, Benjamin Schiller and Thorsten Strufe (TU Dresden, Germany)

16:00-17:30 Session 3A. Wireless Security

Session chair: Edmundo Monteiro, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Security Threat Assessment of Simultaneous Multiple Denial-of-Service Attacks in IEEE 802.22 Cognitive Radio Networks

Ismail Ahmed and Abraham O Fapojuwo (University of Calgary, Canada)

ResFi: A Secure Framework for Self Organized Radio Resource Management in Residential WiFi Networks

Sven Zehl and Anatolij Zubow (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany); Adam Wolisz (TUB, Germany); Michael Doering (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)

Xcastor: Secure and Scalable Group Communication in Ad Hoc Networks (SHORT PAPER)

Milan Schmittner and Matthias Hollick (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

16:00-17:30 Session 3B. Channel Resource Sharing and Aggregation

Session chair: Vasilios Siris, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Downlink Transmit Power Setting in LTE HetNets with Carrier Aggregation

Zana Limani Fazliu and Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Gian Michele Dell'Aera (Mobile Communication, Italy)

Jamming and Advanced Modular-based Blind Rendezvous Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks

Young-Hyun Oh and David Thuente (North Carolina State University, USA)

Bundling of DSL resources in home environments (SHORT PAPER)

Nico Bayer (Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Germany); Aman Girmazion (University of Applied Sciences, Germany); Markus Amend (Deutsche Telekom, Germany); Kay Haensge (Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Germany); Roman Szczepanski and Maedot Hailemichael (Deutsche Telekom, Germany)

9:00- 10:00  Keynote II

Challenges and Solutions for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Networks

Joerg Widmer, Research Professor at IMDEA Networks Institute

10:30-12:30 Session 4A. Wireless Sensor Networks

Session chair: Adam Wolisz, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

An Architecture for Sender-based Addressing for Selective Sensor Network Wake-Up Receivers

Johannes Blobel (University of Paderborn, Germany); Janis Krasemann (University Paderborn, Germany); Falko Dressler (University of Paderborn, Germany)

A Model-based Beacon Scheduling Algorithm for IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH Networks 

Domenico De Guglielmo, Simone Brienza and Giuseppe Anastasi (University of Pisa, Italy)

Experimental Evaluation of Interference Impact on the Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (SHORT PAPER)

Viktor Toldov (Inria, France); Roman Igual-Pérez, Rahul Vyas and Boe Alexandre (IRCICA, France); Laurent Clavier (Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom Lille & IEMN / IRCICA, France); Nathalie Mitton (Inria, France)

EcoSensor: Monitoring Environmental Pollution Using Mobile Sensors (SHORT PAPER)

Oscar Alvear (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain); Willian Zamora (Universitat Politècnica de València & Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Spain); Carlos T. Calafate (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain); Juan-Carlos Cano (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain); Pietro Manzoni (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain)

14:00-15:30 Panel

Moderator: Andreas Mauthe, U. Lancaster, UK

Challenges of mobile content and interpersonal communications in high demand scenarios

Panellists:    Andreas Mauthe (moderator)

16:00-17:30 Session 5A. mmWave Cellular Networks

Session chair: Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, University of Buffalo, USA

Learning from Experience: Efficient Decentralized Scheduling for 60GHz Mesh Networks

Gek Hong Sim (IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain); Rui Li (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Cristina Cano (Inria Lille-Nord Europe, France); David Malone (Maynooth University, Ireland); Paul Patras (The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom); Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain)

Energy Efficient Line-of-Sight Millimeter Wave Small Cell Backhaul: 60, 70, 80 or 140 GHz?

Agapi Mesodiakaki and Andreas J. Kassler (Karlstad University, Sweden); Enrica Zola (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain); Mattias Ferndahl (Gotmic AB, Sweden); Tao Cai (Huawei Technologies Sweden AB, Sweden)

Packet Mass Transit: Improving Frame Aggregation in 60 GHz Networks (SHORT PAPER)

Hany Assasa (IMDEA Networks Institute & Universidad Carlos III, Spain); Adrian Loch and Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain)

16:00-17:30 Session 5B. Mobility and Tracking

Session chair: Yang Liu, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Exploiting Mobility Prediction for Mobility & Popularity Caching and DASH Adaptation

Vasilios A. Siris, Xenofon Vasilakos and Dimitrios Dimopoulos (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

Device-free Indoor Localization and Tracking through Human-Object Interactions

Wenjie Ruan (the University of Adelaide, Australia); Quan Z. Sheng (University of Adelaide, Australia); Lina Yao (The University of Adelaide, Australia); Tao Gu (RMIT University, Australia); Longfei Shangguan (Princeton University, USA), Michele Ruta (Politecnico di Bari, Italy)

Hybrid Indoor Localization Using Multiple Radio Interfaces (SHORT PAPER)

Islam Alyafawi, Simon Kiener and Torsten Ingo Braun (University of Bern, Switzerland)

17:30-18:30 Session 6A (WIP)
Enabling Crowdsourced Live Event Coverage with Adaptive Collaborative Upload Strategies   

Björn Richerzhagen, Julian Wulfheide and Heinz Koeppl (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany); Andreas U. Mauthe (Lancaster University, United Kingdom); Klara Nahrstedt (University of Illinois, USA); Ralf Steinmetz (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

WiseHAUL: An SDN-empowered Wireless Small Cell Backhaul testbed

José Núñez-Martínez (Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Spain); Jorge Baranda (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), Spain); Iñaki Pascual (CTTC, Spain); Josep Mangues-Bafalluy (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), Spain)   

How Video Streaming Consumes Power in 4G LTE Networks

Jingyu Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China); Gan Fang (The Ohio State University, USA); Minyi Guo (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China); Chunyi Peng (The Ohio State University, USA)

Energy-Efficient Cluster-Based Protocol using An Adaptive Data Aggregative Window Function (A-DAWF) for Wireless Sensor Networks

Somasekhar Reddy Kandukuri (University of La Reunion, France); Jean Lebreton (University of La Reunion & LE2P Laboratory, France); Nour Mohammad Murad (University of Reunion, France); Richard Lorion (University La Réunion, France); Jean-Daniel Lan Sun Luk (LE2P, Reunion)

Wireless Bandwidth Management for Multiple Video Clients through Network-assisted DASH

Tiia Ojanperä (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland); Heli Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, European Union)   

An Experimental Hybrid Wireless Platform for Vehicular Networks   

Francisco Martin-Fernandez, Pino Caballero-Gil and Cándido Caballero-Gil (University of La Laguna, Spain)       

On the Authentication of Devices in the Internet of Things

Yaman Sharaf-Dabbagh and Walid Saad (Virginia Tech, USA)   

LVS: A WiFi-based System to Tackle Location Spoofing in Location-based Services

Francesco Restuccia (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA); Andrea Saracino (Istituto di Informatica e Telematica, Italy); Sajal K. Das (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA); Fabio Martinelli (CNR-IIT, Italy)   

Performance Analysis of Cooperative ARQ Systems for Wireless Industrial Networks  

Martin Serror, Yulin Hu, Christian Dombrowski and Klaus Wehrle (RWTH Aachen University, Germany); James Gross (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

17:30-18:30 Session 6B (Demo)

The SIMulation Project: Demonstrating Mobile Payments Based on Cloud Services

Pascal Urien (Télécom ParisTech, France); Xavier Aghina (Orange Labs, France)   

An Autonomous Diagnostic Tool for the WirelessHART Industrial Standard

Duarte Raposo (University of Coimbra, Portugal); André Rodrigues (Centre of Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra & Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, ISCAC, Portugal); Jorge Sá Silva and Fernando Boavida (University of Coimbra, Portugal); José Oliveira (Eneida Wireless & Sensors, S.A., Coimbra, Portugal); Carlos Herrera and Carlos Egas (Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Ecuador)   

Measuring and Assessing Mobile Broadband Networks with MONROE

Ozgu Alay and Andra Lutu (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway); Rafael García, Miguel Peón Quirós and Vincenzo Mancuso (IMDEA Networks Institute, Spain); Thomas Hirsch (Celerway AS, Norway); Tobias Dély (Celerway, Norway); Jonas Werme, Kristian Evensen and Audun Fosselie Hansen (Simula Research Laboratory, Norway); Stefan Alfredsson, Jonas Karlsson and Anna Brunstrom (Karlstad University, Sweden); Ali Safari Khatouni and Marco Mellia (Politecnico di Torino, Italy); Marco G Ajmone Marsan (Politecnico di Torino & IMDEA Networks, Italy); Roberto Monno (Nextworks, Italy); Håkon Lønsethagen (Telenor R&D, Norway)

Cross-Technology Wireless Experimentation: improving 802.11 and 802.15.4e coexistence

Peter Ruckebusch (Ghent University, Belgium); Jan Bauwens (iMinds, Belgium); Bart Jooris (Ghent University, Belgium); Spilios D. Giannoulis (I.S.I. - Industrial Systems Institute, Greece); Eli De Poorter (Ghent University & iMinds, Belgium); Ingrid Moerman (Ghent University - iMinds, Belgium); Domenico Garlisi (Universita' di Palermo & CNIT Italian National Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy); Ilenia Tinnirello and Pierluigi Gallo (University of Palermo, Italy)

When Is the Right Time to Transmit in Multi-hop White-Fi?  

Nicolò Facchi and Francesco Gringoli (University of Brescia, Italy); David Malone (Maynooth University, Ireland); Paul Patras (The University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

17:30-18:30 Session 6C (PHD FORUM)
Enhanced Ultrawideband Methods for 5G LOS Sufficient Positioning and Mitigation

Akeem Aderibigbe Adebomehin and Stuart D Walker (University of Essex, United Kingdom)

Busy Tone Based Prioritized Access for Distributed Wireless Networks

Xin Zhou (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China); Changwen Zheng (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China)   

Asynchronous Reputation Systems in Device-to-Device Ecosystems

Dimitris Chatzopoulos (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong); Pan Hui (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Hong Kong)   

Resilient SDN based Small Cell Backhaul Networks using mmWave Bands

Jonathan Vestin and Andreas J. Kassler (Karlstad University, Sweden)

A SDN Controller Architecture for Small Cell Wireless Backhaul using a LTE Control Channel

Ricardo Santos and Andreas J. Kassler (Karlstad University, Sweden)

Towards Content Delivery Optimization In Future Wireless Networks   

Pavan Kumar Kamaraju (University Of Maryland Baltimore County & Royal Institute Of Technology KTH, USA)

Personal Cloud Interoperability

Jose G Faisca and Jose Q Rogado (Universidade Lusofona, Portugal)

An Open, NFC Enabler Independent Mobile Payment and Identification Method: NFC Feature Box (Extended Abstract)

Ismail Turk and Ahmet Cosar (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
THIRD DAY: June 24

9:00-10:00 Keynote III

Internet of Vehicles: Privacy and Security issues

Mario Gerla, Full Professor for Computer Science at University of California, Los Angeles

10:30-12:30 Session 7A. Mobile Opportunistic Networks

Session chair: Giuseppe Anastasi, University of Pisa, Italy

Multi-Copy Data Dissemination with Probabilistic Delay Constraint in Mobile Opportunistic Device-to-Device Networks

Yang Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R. China); A M A Elman Bashar (University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA); Fan Li (Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R. China); Yu Wang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA); Kun Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R. China)

A Joint Relay Selection and Buffer Management Scheme for Delivery Rate Optimization in DTNs

Tuan Le and Haik Kalantarian (University of California, Los Angeles, USA); Mario Gerla (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)

GSAF: Efficient and Flexible Geocasting for Opportunistic Networks

Aydin Rajaei, Dan Chalmers, Ian Wakeman and George Parisis (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)

Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks with Fine-Grained Contact Characterisation and Dynamic Message Replication (SHORT PAPER)

Luming Wan (University of Otage, New Zealand); Haibo Zhang (Universtiy of Otago, New Zealand); Feiyang Liu and Yawen Chen (University of Otago, New Zealand)

10:30-12:30 Session 7B. Smart Phone Applications

Session chair: Vasco Pereira, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Zephyr: First-Person Wireless Analytics from High-Density In-Stadium Deployments

Nathan Mickulicz, Utsav Drolia, Priya Narasimhan and Rajeev Gandhi (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Application Recommendation at Places for Mobile Users

Yonghe Liu and Yanliang Liu (The University of Texas at Arlington, USA); Yupeng Hu (Hunan University, P.R. China); Ruiyun Yu (Northeastern University, P.R. China)

Population Estimation from Mobile Network Traffic Metadata  

Ghazaleh Khodabandelou (Telecom SudParis, University of Paris Saclay, France); Vincent Gauthier (Institut TELECOM; Telecom SudParis; SAMOVAR UMR, France); Mounim El Yacoubi (Telecom SudParis, France); Marco Fiore (National Research Council of Italy, Italy)

Feasibility and Accuracy of Hotword Detection using Vibration Energy Harvester   

Sara Khalifa, Mahbub Hassan and Aruna Seneviratne (University of New South Wales, Australia)

14:00-15:30 Session 8. Video Adaptation and Delivery

Session chair: Marília Curado, University of Coimbra, Portugal

QoE Aware Video Content Adaptation and Delivery

Pavan Kumar Kamaraju (University Of Maryland Baltimore County & Royal Institute Of Technology KTH, USA); Pietro Lungaro (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden); Zary Segall (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Markov analysis of video transmission based on differential encoded HARQ

Valentina Vadori and Anna Guglielmi (University of Padova, Italy); Leonardo Badia (Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy)

A Novel Parallelized Motion Estimation Algorithm for GPU Based Video Encoding

Wenbin Jiang, Pengcheng Wang, Min Long and Hai Jin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, P.R. China)